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This is the number one website for Okinawa to provide local data in 5 languages equivalent to shops, eating places, events and more to over 6410,000 vacationers (contains 550,000 vacationers from overseas) each year. Use the complimentary shuttle bus service to Kuala Lumpur vacationer sites and nearby enterprise workplaces.

If additional instances of abusive or disruptive habits occur, the passenger will likely be given a written warning that any future cases of such habits will end in suspension and attainable expulsion from riding aboard GoBus vehicles.

GoBus makes traveling by bus even simpler by providing persevering with service tickets on Greyhound Lines when tickets are purchased online or at certainly one of our ticketing areas.

Until it is constructed, our ticket office will likely be briefly be moved to a new site inside Pier 1 (instantly reverse its current location) and it will be business as regular for our prospects.

If you happen to receive your checked baggage at the airport of your arrival and it is damaged, it is imperative that you just file a report at the airport.

For all airport, bus and prepare arrivals, please schedule your camper’s arrival on the station/airport between 11 am and four pm. Upon leaving camp, please schedule your camper’s departure from the station/airport between 9 am and a pair of pm. Please don’t schedule earlier or later departure occasions as these times disrupt sleep for cabin mates as well as travelers and involve higher security risk in pre-dawn van rides.